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Sunshine Eggs with Spinach and Rye Croutons

There was one recipe from Bon Appétit’s January issue - the Sunny Side Up Eggs on Mustard Creamed Spinach - I just couldn’t get out of my head. I wasn’t sure if it was the photo that got me or the daydreams I kept having about the creamy, mustardy spinach topped with a sunny side egg.

I love eggs. They are pretty much a perfect food - a little fat, a lot of protein, and countless preparation possibilities. Though most associate eggs with breakfast, I often find myself eating them for dinner.

The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen recommended serving this dish with breadcrumbs for a lighter option to toast. Great idea! But I knowing I would miss my toast, I made croutons versus breadcrumbs. And then I added bacon. So much for a lighter option. My favorite addition to the recipe was adding pickled mustard seeds into the mix. Pickled mustard seeds are a trick I stole from David Chang who stole it from Tom Colicchio. They are great in salad dressing, as an addition sauces for meats, and get this - to make your own tangy mustard! Make them, love them, and use them in this recipe!

Recipe, Notes, and Nutritional Information via sarahmcsimmons.com

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